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CDT Black Range Route – Water – 5/10/13 to 5/17/13

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Greetings from Grants, first internet access I’ve had in a while.  Following may prove useful for someone who reads the archives.  Milages reference Bearcreek maps, see my data book for corresponding Ley map points, if any. 
164. 6   08-000     Skipped segment 7.  23 miles of circular flat walking and you will have to go to Pino Altos to get water, leaving you all of 6.5 miles from Silver City.  I preferred the easy way out,  walked Pinos Altos Road out of SC for 6.5 and got water at the RV park cafe. 
186.4    09-000     NM35 – got water at Lynnae and Will’s house.
             09-025     Sapillo Creek flowing well, no cattle.
             09-056     Unexpected, thought it was the next one.  Only green grass and a small pool near trail, short distance upstream flowing and I got water off a small cascade at about 1L/minute.
             09-058     Not as good flow as Sapillo Creek.
214.1    10-147     Squeaky Spring only a wet spot at trail.  I see by one of my many sheets of paper that it may be better 200′ downhill, but I didn’t check that.
             10-160     Saw nothing.
             10-179     Nice small pool, lacking in animal evidence, great for dipping with a small container.  Got water here.
             10-182     No flow at trail.  Didn’t investigate any farther.
             10-236     Diamond Spring.  Passed as it was getting dark.  Looked like just a wet spot, might have been some standing water in a hoof print.
             10-327     Nothing.
             10-330     Very very small pool.  No flowing water.
             10-345     Chloride Creek – no flow at trail, cold water pools 100-200 yards downstream in rocky area.  Got water here.
             11-018     (New)  Turkey Spring .5w – didn’t check.
237.7    11-037     trick tank – sludge.
             11-097     (New)  Spring .5e of trail.  Didn’t need water, but checked it out.  Best Water in New Mexico.  You’ll know you’re at trail exit point if there’s a fence with ‘Please!  Close the Gate’ sign some yards over to the east side.  Go through the gate, drop a couple hundred feet,  and find a clean, clear, animal-free overflowing spring trough that looks like all newer hardware.   There was a large tree branch arrow, along with ‘WATER’ scratched in the dust on the trail to mark the exit point, looked like more work than what a hiker would do.  If you had all the food you needed, you could load up on water here and keep going past Winston.
249.1    12-000    NM59 TH.  Got water in Winston.
279.6    13-050    Don’t XR, continue ahead to North Garcia Windmill.  As soon as you see windmill blades, head for them.  Leave windmill via road that intersects trail around 13-076 (I think, don’t have maps now).  Got water here.
296.6    13-219    Batton Pond.  Had plenty of enamel-green water. 
             13-250    (approx., not in BC maps)  Green Tank.  Oddly, not as green as the prior one.  Got small amount of water here.
310.4    14-034    According to Ley NM30b-3 there is a decent earth tank here and is the ‘best bet’ on this map.  I didn’t see it.
311.5    14-045    Mesa Redondo south of trail.  Earth tank is dry, spring (in front of house) is most disgusting.  Good water via spigot on left (as viewed from the trail) side of house.  Got water here.  Enjoy a visit with RB, what a great guy.
334.5    15-000     Didn’t hike segment 15, cut over to Ley route via FR3070.

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