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Inspired to do a Thru Hike


I’ve been up since 3:30 am working on the site and I’m frustrated.

If you’ve read what GreenPackin’ is about, you know that our ultimate goal is to inspire people to get outdoors and experience the beauty and peacefulness of the trail, the campsite, the lakes and the streams, the wind in the trees, the sounds of birds and other creatures, the rustling of the leaves and the feel of the rain on your face. There are countless individuals (myself included) who have experienced all of the above……and much more. How many of you have heard an animal crash through the brush and trees? Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse but often you won’t. You’ll stand quietly for awhile, listening, waiting, straining to hear the last “far-in-the-distance” sounds. Eventually all that’s left is the stillness and quiet, and it surrounds you. The sounds of nature return and you add to those with your footfalls along the path, the click of your trekking poles against a rock and a little labored breathing as you climb to the top. Many times I’ve asked myself, “Is this climb worth it?” Then I’m at the top and my question is answered.
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There are a great number who have yet to experience even a few moments of that peacefulness or gaze out onto the valleys that are only available after making that walk. We all know at least one person who could benefit from what we’ve experienced. Take them with you the next time you go out.

All this reflection and web site work (primarily reviewing hiker videos) has made me ache to walk 20 miles a day. How do I do that and maintain the site? How do I take 4 – 6 months to thru hike a trail? Others have found a way and I will too.

Author: GreenPackin'

Who is GreenPackin’? GreenPackin’ is a company that believes in providing only healthy and organic foods and other organic, biodegradable and low impact backpacking, hiking and outdoors products. We are reaching out to those who are passionate about backpacking, hiking and the outdoors and desire to leave a minimal impact on the environment. An integral part of the GreenPackin’ shipping process is the development of a network of Inns, Hostels and other lodging types that are frequented by backpackers, hikers and cyclists. We also enlist the help of shuttle providers along the trails. GreenPackin’ will ship your order to these locations. For planning purposes, take a look at our Google maps accessible through this site. Using these established networks allows a hiker greater flexibility with planning mail drops and also ensuring that you will always be able to obtain the foods and products you want and enjoy. These networks are a vast improvement to the typical US Post Office General Delivery option often employed by long distance backpackers and hikers. GreenPackin’ is not limited to shipping to trail locations only, we will be happy to ship to your home or any other location you request. David Jenerick Founder / President of GreenPackin'

2 thoughts on “Inspired to do a Thru Hike

  1. I hear you. I’ve heard stories and interviews of many of the other independent, outdoor sport business leaders. We get really busy. Always something else to do, something could be better – or, the worst – I have a new idea!

    The love for our fledgling businesses, and the very real need to pay the mortgage, is at odds for me too as I want to take my wife and get out into the wild. We’ve been developing sleeping bags and backpacking quilts for over two years. For years prior to that, I spent over 30 days a year in the backcountry before we started, last year it was only 4.

    I’m beginning to understand that business is about resolving the issues that come up. Balancing work with time in the wilderness is one of my biggest issues, and it sounds like one of yours too. But figuring out solutions is what make us stronger and smarter. I know that there are good solutions for this too, and that we’ll be better for finding them.

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