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Continental Divide Trail Coalition Campaign

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CDT Coalition Group Photo

The Continental Divide Trail Coalition currently has an Indiegogo campaign underway. Their goal is to raise $35,000, the proceeds of which is “… rally outdoor and environmental communities across the country towards supporting the future of this incredible national resource.  Federal funds for land preservation are slowly being restricted due to sequestration and cuts to federal spending in general. The trail corridor and its preservation is falling through the cracks, and is facing great capacity difficulties in maintaining what so many have worked so hard to build.  Dollars from this campaign will directly support much needed advocacy and protection efforts, map making, data collection, and volunteer trail building.” There are various funding levels available from $5 (Elk Bugle Shout Out!) up to $1,750 (Pie Town to Grants Ramble).

The CDTC has goals and visions that are not unlike those of GreenPackin’ (see our “About” page). We have been a business partner with the CDTC since shortly after their formation and we will continue to support and promote their efforts, the development of the CDT and the communities and individuals who are so very important to the CDT.

23 days remain in the CDTC Indiegogo campaign,  please support them.


Author: GreenPackin'

Who is GreenPackin’? GreenPackin’ is a company that believes in providing only healthy and organic foods and other organic, biodegradable and low impact backpacking, hiking and outdoors products. We are reaching out to those who are passionate about backpacking, hiking and the outdoors and desire to leave a minimal impact on the environment. An integral part of the GreenPackin’ shipping process is the development of a network of Inns, Hostels and other lodging types that are frequented by backpackers, hikers and cyclists. We also enlist the help of shuttle providers along the trails. GreenPackin’ will ship your order to these locations. For planning purposes, take a look at our Google maps accessible through this site. Using these established networks allows a hiker greater flexibility with planning mail drops and also ensuring that you will always be able to obtain the foods and products you want and enjoy. These networks are a vast improvement to the typical US Post Office General Delivery option often employed by long distance backpackers and hikers. GreenPackin’ is not limited to shipping to trail locations only, we will be happy to ship to your home or any other location you request. David Jenerick Founder / President of GreenPackin'

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