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Class of 2014 AT Thru Hikers

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I’ve been following a number of 2014 AT thru hikers since the start of their journey. While doing this, I also came up with an Excel spreadsheet that provided a bit of information about each of the hikers, things like their name, trail name, home town and updating their location along the AT. It has been very well received. The hikers, their friends, families and visitors to the page like being able to follow the progress of the various hikers and enjoy seeing the pictures of their progress, the amazing views along the Appalachian Trail, trail magic at work, notable locations along the AT, group photos of friends on the trail and a variety of humorous poses taken as well.

Bangarang at Mt Moosilauke

I’ve made the spreadsheet available through a Facebook group that I belong to: Appalachian Trail thru Hikers: Class of 2014 NO Censorship and you can also access the spreadsheet here.

As the interest in the spreadsheet grew, I started looking into ways to improve it and to allow the hikers themselves to update their information and progress (if they chose to). A number of ideas have come to me. I’m currently working on a different (and hopefully better) way to provide the information that is currently available through the Excel spreadsheet. While not available for the Class of 2014, I’m working diligently to have it available for the Class of 2015.


01 - Wind Rock


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