When BackPackin' go GreenPackin'


GreenPackin’ approved CDT mail drop sites in Wyoming (We can ship your order to any location requested, including “General Delivery” at any US Post Office)

CDT Mail Drop Map       Continental Divide Trail Coalition

Big Sandy Lodge  –  Boulder, WY  –  (307) 733-5051                                              Your Host: Tony Ligori
Big Sandy Lodge     Web Site  
Mail drops accepted ONLY for guests of Big Sandy Lodge (one night minimum). We are remotely located in the Big Sandy Opening of the southern Wind River Mountains in western Wyoming, Close to the Continental Divide Hiking Trail (1.5 miles). We have 10 rustic, one-room log cabins (no electricity, no phone). Modern restrooms and shower facilities are centrally located. Open from late May through Early October.

Miner’s Grubstake – Atlantic City, WY  –  (307) 332-0915                                    Your Host: Laurel Nelson
Miners Grubsteak  Web Site   Facebook
Mail drops accepted (closed on Mondays). If you are passing by on the Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail, Pony Express Trail, or Continental Divide stop in to stock up on supplies and grab a bite to eat. Great camping and off road trails are offered here in Atlantic City Wy. We have a lovely B&B called “Miner’s Delight” for the upper crust sleepover.


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