When BackPackin' go GreenPackin'

New Hampshire

GreenPackin’ approved AT mail drop sites and shuttle providers in New Hampshire. We can ship to any location requested, including “General Delivery” at any US Post Office.

GreenPackin’ AT Google Map     Appalachian Trail Conservancy

The Libby House Inn & The Barn  –  Gorham, NH  –  (603) 466-2271  –  Your Hosts: The Regans
 The Libby House     Web Site   Email
Mail drops are accepted. The Barn, which is attached to The Libby House, is a famous hiking hostel on the Appalachian Trail serving all hikers. Close to everything – Chinese Buffet, Post Office, Library (Internet), Re-supplies, etc.

White Mountains Lodge & Hostel – Shelburne, NH – (603) 466-5049   
White Moutains Lodge & Hostel    Web Site    Facebook    Email    
Drop Fees – No charge for drop shipments. A hot, home cooked breakfast is provided for each guest. The AT goes past our front door.

White Birches Camping Park – Shelburne, NH – (603) 466-2022 – Your Host: Janet Langlands
White Birches Camping Park  Website   Facebook   Email
Adjacent to the Appalachian Trail (located 1.8 miles from the trail head on Rt 2). Drop offs available for guests of White Birches Camping Park. Amenities include: Hot showers ($), laundry, groceries and immaculate restrooms.


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