When BackPackin' go GreenPackin'


GreenPackin’ approved AT mail drop sites and shuttle providers in  Pennsylvania. We can ship to any location requested, including “General Delivery” at any US Post Office.

GreenPackin’ AT Google Map     Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Allenberry Resort Inn and Playhouse – Boiling Springs, PA – (717) 258-3211  
Your Host: Charles Heinze
Allenberry Resort1   Web Site    Facebook    Email

The Church of the Mountains Hiker’s Center – Delaware Waters Gap, PA  –  (570) 476-0345
Church of the Mountains Hikers Center  Web Site  
Mail drops are NOT accepted for the Hiker’s Center. We are the oldest hostel on the trail. Bunk room, shower, lave and sitting room are located inside and a three sided shelter called Matt’s Place is located on the property. First night is free and stays are limited to two nights. The Pastor’s permission should be sought if longer stays are needed.  June, July & August – free hot dog/potluck dinner at 6 pm for hikers staying at the Hiker’s Center also, a free concert on Sunday evenings starting at 6 pm.


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