When BackPackin' go GreenPackin'


GreenPackin’ approved AT mail drop sites and shuttle providers in  Virginia. We can ship to any location requested, including “General Delivery” at any US Post Office.

GreenPackin’ AT Google Map     Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Hikers Inn –  Damascus, VA  –  (276) 475-3788                                                        Your Hosts: Lee and Paul
Hikers Inn  Web Site      Email
Mail drops accepted. Starting with the hostel, bunk beds rent for $25/night, The second sleeping room has a queen size bed, and rents for $35/one person, $45/two persons. The hostel comes fully furnished with linens, frig, microwave, coffeepot, and a bathroom.Satellite TV is available in the commons room, as is WI-FI. Smoking permitted outside.

Wood’s Hole Hostel – Pearisburg, VA – (540) 921-3444                                        Your Hosts: Michael & Neville
woods-hole-hostel  Web Site   Facebook   Email
Located 1/2 mile from the AT. Available lodging includes: Chestnut Oak Log Bunkhouse – $10 for AT hikers (electricity, outhouse, hot outdoor shower, towels & hand wash laundry),
Shuttle Services available.

Four Pines Hostel – Catawba, VA  – (540) 349-8615                                              Your Host: Joe Mitchell
Four Pines Hostel   Web Site   FaceBook   Email
Mail drops accepted at no charge. Located 0.3 miles from the AT (between Dragon’s Tooth and McAfee Knob). Shuttle services available. Donations accepted.

Brierley Hill Bed & Breakfast  – Lexington, VA  –  (800) 422-4925                  Your Hosts:/2013). Dave & Karen Innocent
Brierley Hill   Web Site   FaceBook   Email
Mail drops are accepted. Brierley Hill is a backpacker / hiker friendly Bed & Breakfast. Discounts are available to AT thru-hikers. Free use of laundry facilities and high-speed internet. Available for AT hiker shuttle services around the immediate area.

Dutch Haus  –  Montebello, VA – (540) 377-2119                                                      Your Hosts: Lois & Earl Arnold
Dutch Haus   Web Site   FaceBook   Email
Mail drops accepted only for hikers arriving before June 30th, 2013. Located less than 3 miles from the AT. Shuttle arrangements, laundry services, internet connection, slack packing options.

Bears Den Trail Center  –  Bluemont, VA  –  (540) 554-8708                                                  Your Hosts: Dana & Johnny Baxter
Bears Den Trail Center   Web Site   Facebook   Email
Mail drops accepted. Open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Located 150 yards from the AT. A drop-in long-distance backpackers hostel with full services. Primative campground, rustic cottage and a contact for all your hiking, shuttle and slackpack needs. Owned by the ATC and operated by the PATC. Managed and operated with environmentally friendly practices.


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