When BackPackin' go GreenPackin'

West Virginia

GreenPackin’ approved AT mail drop sites and shuttle providers in  West Virginia. We can ship to any location requested, including “General Delivery” at any US Post Office.

GreenPackin’ AT Google Map     Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Town’s Inn – Harpers Ferry, WV  –  (877) 489-2447                                              Your Host: Karan Townsend 
 The Towns Inn    Web Site    Email    
Drop shipments are NOT accepted due to space limitations. The Town’s Inn is located less than 200 yards from the Appalachian Trail and  consists of two pre-Civil War stone residences (circa 1840): the Heritage House (179 High Street) and the Mountain House (175 High Street). Private shuttle transportation available ($1 per mile). Laundry service available at $5 per load (done by lodging staff only, washer/dryer is NOT self service).


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