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Greenbelly Dark Chocolate/Banana Meal:
A nice dense food bar that has the appearance of being dry, but it really isn’t as dry as it looks. When the pouch is first opened, you can smell the chocolate and the chocolate taste is certainly in the forefront when eating it. While this is a chocolate/banana bar, I did not detect a banana flavor at any time while eating the bar.
While the folks at Greenbelly advertise their meals as having a “Light and fluffy texture….” I found it to be slightly chewy (not the stick-to-your-teeth type of chewy though) and a bit dense. This was NOT an issue for me though. I enjoyed the denseness, chewiness and the crunchiness of the bar. It is also a little crunchy due to the nuts that make up part of the bar.
If you’re ready to hit the trail after climbing out of your tent or down from your hammock, this is a great choice for breakfast. No mess and a resealable/reusable pouch, which is nice if you decide to eat only a portion of the bar and save the rest for a little later out on the trail.
I do like the sturdiness of the pouch and the seal on the pouch is good and stout. No danger of the bag coming open when putting in some miles.
Energy wise – My energy level stayed right up there during the first several hours after eating only half of the bar.

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