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NEW PRODUCT REVIEW (04/21/2021) – RightOnTrek – Made-To-Order Backpacking Meals


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UPDATE!!  Our mail drop network has now grown to over 70 locations along the AT, AZT, CDT and  PCT. We are in the process of developing contacts along several other long trails.

Vist our CDT pagesCDT Google Map , our AZT page & AZT Google map , our AT pages &  AT Google Map and our PCT pagesPCT Google Map. We’re continually building and improving on the AT, AZT, CDT and PCT mail drop networks.


Product Reviews: Periodically, we receive samples from various suppliers and vendors requesting that we review and/or test their products. Follow the link to read our reviews. Thanks!

I do owe a review on Greenbelly Meals. I haven’t been able to get out on the trail over the past several weeks and I really don’t like to write reviews for items I may potentially use while out backpacking. So, I should be able to get out in a few days and be able to write the review shortly after that. I’ve also received some samples for a protein bar – Rxbar (a whole food protein bar).

Periodically, I receive samples from from a company in Seattle that contracts with various vendors and I’m asked to write reviews on the products I receive. I’ve been notified by my Seattle contact, that I’ll be getting a package, sometime soon, with some clothing items. The clothing is insect-repellent, moisture-wicking and snag resistant.It will be provided by a company called Haeleum.

I’m looking forward to getting out in the woods and on the trail, trying some new (to me) products and reporting back my findings and impressions.

Greenbelly Meals –
Rxbar –
Haeleum –


  • Electro-Bites – Calorie and electrolyte replacement for distance athletes. Read Review
  • Vital 4U – Distinct and convenient energy and health products that are priced fairly. Read Review
  • Haeleum – Hæleum™ shirts not only help prevent bug bites and insect-borne diseases, they also offer an alternative to topical pesticides and other insect-repellent products. Read Review
  • GreenBelly – I’ve recently received a sampling of Greenbelly Meal Pouches! I’ll be taking a backpacking trip soon (within the next several days) and will post a review shortly after I return. This is a product that I’ve been meaning to look into for several months but haven’t yet gotten around to ordering. Stay tuned for the review!
  • RightOnTrek – Made-To-Order Backpacking Meals (04/21/2021)

These are a few of the companies and products that GreenPackin’ would like you to take a look at. 

  • ULA Equipment –  Ultra-Light Backpacks – (Choosing the Right Backpack)
  • Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter  –  Convenient and handy for 1–2 people (e.g. while hiking or trekking). Compatible with hydration bladders.  They are lightweight, compact and the easiest way to make safe water.
  • My Trail Co. – My Trail: – makes high performance outdoor apparel and equipment that is extraordinarily light; – sells directly to our Customers at affordable prices; – produces responsibly.
  • Soul Poles – Bamboo Trekking Poles  – a classic vintage look, the original soul is a combination of style, performance, and sustainability for those who don’t need to shout it. * handmade in park city, Utah.
  • Solo Stove  – The Solo Stove™ (patent pending) is the ultimate backpacking stove – a lightweight, compact, efficient eco-friendly wood burning stove. (save up to 27% when ordering a Solo Stove combo through GreenPackin’). Click here for details.

“Who is GreenPackin’?”

GreenPackin’ is a family owned company that offers backpackers, hikers, and avid outdoor enthusiast a variety of natural, whole food, organic, vegan, vegetarian, biodegradable, low impact, AND light weight food and gear to carry with you, the GreenPacker, on any expedition. We believe in and support 100% the ideals of a green lifestyle, of limited environmental impact, and of the health and functionality benefits behind the products that we carry. We offer a wide variety of all-in-one Dehydrated meals and a selection of energy bars (with a GreenPackin’ branded bar in the works)! If you are planning a day hike in a national forest or a backpacking trip on the Appalachian TrailContinental Divide Trail, Arizona Trail, Pacific Crest Trail or any other trail, our services and supplies are available to all no matter what trail your active lifestyle takes you down.

GreenPackin’ has established easier shipping and planning processes for the GreenPacker through the development of a network of Inns, Hostels, and other sleeping sanctuaries frequented by backpackers and hikers. GreenPackin’ will ship your order to any of these locations. We have also helped with flexibility in the process of planning your drop sites with Google maps pinpointing all of our trail affiliates! We have eliminated the typical US Post Office General Delivery option (snail-mail), and we are working on making this all smart phone accessible through the development of a mobile phone app We are all about making it easier for you, the GreenPacker, and supplying you with the holistic products you desire. GreenPackin’ is not limited to shipping to trail locations only; we are more than happy to ship to your home or any other location!

 What Have We Accomplished?

– Developed and implemented a unique concept to deliver healthy organic dehydrated backpacking foods and organic and eco-friendly products to hikers, backpackers and cyclists while out on the trail.
– Developed (and still developing) a network of shipping locations along the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, the Arizona Trail and the Continental Divide Trail and will continue to develop locations along other long trails.
– Developed a network of suppliers who provide only organic foods and goods and eco-friendly products.

 Where Are We Headed?

GreenPackin’ believes that we will never arrive at a place where we are satisfied with who we are and what we offer to our valued customers. GreenPackin’ will continually search for the best available products, whether they are backpacking foods and snacks, dehydrated meals, green gear, organic personal care products or a variety of other products. You can count on us to provide only organic and eco-friendly items, that’s who we are and who we will remain.

when BackPackin’ go GreenPackin’


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  1. It’s about time someone figured out a way of supplying great, wholesome and natural food and also bypassing the mail system. Congrats !

  2. Proper nutrition is a problem on the trail, it is great that you have figured out a way to provide great, delicious, nutricious dry foods for us backpackers.

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